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Google has taken her big and powerful arms and just given us a warm bear hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. Google is like our big-old-Russian grandmother but instead of making us borscht she is taking us on a nice brisk stroll to the Promised Land. In the digital marketing and advertising world the Promised Land is becoming a Google Certified Partner. For our clients and potential clients this means we will be officially recognized as Google Adwords Wizards capable of managing and launching massively successful digital campaigns for your company.

A quick look at the numbers reinforces the fact that your business should seriously consider using Google Adwords. Google gets over 2.5 billion page views a day and reaches a staggering 90% of the internet’s population, making it the number 1 advertising network in terms of reach. Google AdWords provides the traffic volume necessary to grow your business. Regardless if you’re an online retailer looking for conversions or a service provider, marketing your company online at each phase of the buying cycle is vital to your brand’s success.

Why enlist Automatic to launch a Google Adwords campaign for your brand? We will develop a highly custom and detailed solution that will focus on precise goals and objectives to ensure maximized results and ROI.

We will begin by studying your business. During this research phase we will uncover your goals, customer’s cultural and social nuances and their demographics*. We will closely look at your competition. In the lead up to the launch we will do a complete keyword analysis including all negative keywords. We will write all the copy for multiple ads in each group, enlist proper platform settings to maximize results demographically, and monitor your ad buy budget, and more. Finally, once launched we will analyze and track conversions, test and analyze copy, analyze keyword performance, and add or delete keywords depending on accomplishment, monitor bid and position of your campaigns.

Google, or as we like to think of her, our big warm Russian grandmother, has given us $2000 worth of ad credits to pass along to our clients. Give us a ring today if you’d like to explore the glorious world of online advertising using Google Adwords.

*The founder of Automatic is formally trained in cultural anthropology. He loves studying human behavior.  

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