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We are at the apex of a radical shift in the way the media and advertising reach and interact with consumers. Brands now have direct access to consumers in a multitude of ever evolving ways. What does this mean for your brand? Quite simply it means that content is king! Today every brand needs to become a publisher. Creative, magnetic content gives brands their unique character.

In addition, building original quality content is paramount for SEO success. But how do you accomplish this for your business?

Here I’ll attempt to get you started you on your path to generating leads and ultimately sales with a Content Marketing program for your company.


Plan your strategy and do your research! Pretend you are an ethnographer. Who is your audience? What is their culture? What voice will they identify with? For example if you are seeking to connect to 12-year-old baseball fans in suburbia you need to create a voice and a tone that speaks to them and personalizes their experience with your brand.

2. SEO 

Study the keywords your potential customers are using for their searches. You’ll be surprised what you find! As it’s not always what you think. Be sure to understand exactly what keywords your company is seeking to rank highly for and make sure you build your content with an abundance of these keywords. Add these keywords into your videos! Amazingly, Google has made audio content part of its search algorithm so make sure the script has plenty of keywords built in.


Build an editorial calendar and try and stick to it. People like consistency, if you are giving them something useful on a regular basis they will be more likely to come back.


Make sure you have the analytical tools in place so you can track the performance of your posts. Figure out what is working and what is not and make your adjustments accordingly. If your audience tends to gravitate more toward videos create more videos. Again know your audience and tailor your content for them.


Content marketing and the social networks are intimately tied together. Use social networking to spread your fantastic content to the world. When people share a video you created with their friends, the reach of your message becomes exponentially greater. In addition, use multiple platforms from niche micro sites to email to distribute content.

If you are considering using content to market your brand feel free to call us and pick our brains. Content is our forte, with 12 years of publication building under our belts our team of copywriters, videographers, visionaries, will help energize your site with branded content.

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