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CCS/Foot Locker hit us up to do a round of events for their retail stores this summer. We started by pitching three different themes to tie the 2012 summer events program together into one cohesive marketing and branding initiative. Ultimately they decided to go with “Get Live, Get Loud”.

We came up with the iconic image of a 80’s style Ghetto Blaster to communicate the “Get Live, Get Loud” concept. We designed a lively and vibrant logo that incorporated the image of a Ghetto Blaster. We wanted to make an actual old school ghetto blaster part of the tour. We scoured the Internet until we found the perfect vintage boombox. We branded the beast CCS Cyan. The CCS “GET LIVE, GET LOUD” Ghetto Blaster will tour the country stopping at 8 CCS stores. The tour will feature a series of giveaways, DJ and pro autograph signings. The boom box will get tagged with the autographs of the world’s best skaterboarders from brands, Nike, Adidas, Zero, Skate Mental, 5boro, Emerica, Stereo, Volcom, Plan B and Element.


We’ll be giving away heaps of these Tee Shirts we designed!


These tickets will serve as a means of distributing massive amounts of free product.


The CCS “GET LIVE, GET LOUD” Ghetto Blaster. This monster will make it to all 8 stops and will be emblemized with the autographs of the world’s best skateboarders.

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